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MyCinnamonToast Privacy Policy

MyCinnamonToast is committed to privacy for all adults and children. My pledge to you as the owner of the site, is that we will NEVER sell, give away, rent, loan, or otherwise distribute your information or your child's information.

Owners of genealogy-related web sites may submit their sites to MyCinnamToast so that we can include a link to their site in our directory. We ask for an email address on the submission form so that we can contact the submitter in the event of a problem with the submission. This email address is discarded after the submission is evaluated, and is not retained in any form.

Site owners may request that the link to their site be removed from our directory at any time by emailing

Some links on MyCinnamonToast take the visitor to external web sites; these sites are not governed by MyCinnamonToast privacy policy. We attempt to link only to reputable, honest sites, but due to the constantly changing nature of the web, we can make no guarantees. We recommend that you check the privacy policy for any site you visit.

No other personal information is collected on MyCinnamonToast. It is not expected that children under 13 will use the site.

If you have any comments or questions about this policy, you may write to:

Sheila Ruth
6400 Baltimore Natl Pk #194
Baltimore, MD 21228
Telephone: 888-203-4068

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