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Site or database name: Sebastian and Sofia's Genealogy

Description: The genealogy website is our childrens genealogy as I record it with the help of the GNU / open source GRAMPS genealogy package. The main surnames I work on are Lithgow, Gillespie, Curle, MacRae, Kirk, Robinson, Friedenberger and Pfeiffer. Here are my grandparents names: * My paternal grandfather's parents are Robert (Stevenson) Lithgow and Mary Gillespie * My paternal grandmother's parents are Torrence Burton Curle and Annie MacRae * My maternal grandfather's parents are James Robert Kirk and Haidee Emily Helen Kathleen Robinson * My maternal grandmother's parents are Paul Otto Friedenberger and Augusta Berte Hedwig Pfeiffer There is also a private genealogy section (requires login) which family members can browse and edit. This allows online collaboration via the PhpGedView Genealogy Website system. Please enjoy looking around and feel free to contact me with questions or comments. Duncan Lithgow

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